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Rice Cooker FAQ – Frequently Asked Question

Rice Cooker FAQ – Frequently Asked Question

Rice Cooker FAQ – Frequently Asked Question







Are you thinking or planning to buy a rice cooker but you’re not sure what kind of unit is perfect for your needs?

Here are some of the frequently asked questions to help you out.

  1. Should I invest in a rice cooker?

If you’re cooking rice frequently or every day, then you’d need to invest in this type of kitchen appliance. It’s not only good for cooking rice, but it’s also useful in making vegetable steamer and prepare a variety of dishes.

  1. What size is right for me?

You don’t need a huge rice cooker if you’re living alone in your house or with your spouse and kids. Newer models, however, can handle small and large amounts of rice. But if the space is an issue, then get smaller units.

  1. How does this appliance work?

Regardless of the brand and model, rice cookers follow the same principle. That is, an inner bowl is placed on a heated plate to bring it to a boil. The water starts boiling until it’s properly absorbed by the rice or the food you’re preparing. Once the temperature has reached a certain point, it reduces the heat. It keeps the warm rice without actually burning it.

  1. What accessories are available with rice cooker?

Most brands have steam tray, measuring cup, and a serving spoon. But you can also purchase a plastic spoon with a long handle. This is a very handy tool that lets you stir the dish you’re preparing with your rice cooker.

  1. What are the safety precautions that I should know about the use of rice cooker?

Although rice cooker is a safe and easy to use, there are things that you want to keep in mind when you use it. First, you have to lift the cover away from your face to avoid steam burns. Keep in mind that the steam of the cooker can cause scalding.

You should also avoid hanging it over the edge of your counter as you or your child can accidentally pull its cord off causing serious burn. If you have to sauté oil or butter, you need to use long-handled spoon when stirring.

If you use the rice cooker for steaming or making soups, you mustn’t leave the cooker unattended as the cooker won’t shut off until all liquid is completely gone.

  1. How long should I wait before the rice is cooked using this kitchen appliance?

It really depends on the variety of rice you’re cooking. Please refer it to the owner’s manual.

  1. How long does it take to cook brown rice?

Because of the extra bran of brown rice, it requires more cooking time and more liquid.

  1. How to turn it off?

The unit will automatically shift to keep warm mode. However, you’ll need to unplug it after use.

Rice cooker is a great appliance to have when you’re a busy person. It doesn’t only cook rice faster but it also allows you to cook best tasting rice.

Safety and Maintenance Tips for Rice Cooker

Safety and Maintenance Tips for Rice Cooker

Safety and Maintenance Tips for Rice Cooker







Rice cooker is one of the most important tools in your kitchen, especially if you’re living a busy lifestyle.

It cooks rice perfectly without taking too much of your time. Plus, it can be used to cook other ingredients, besides rice. To maximize the benefits of your rice cooker, you should know the most important safety and maintenance tips about this kitchen appliance.

  • Read the instructions of your rice cooker
  • Avoid touching hot surfaces with your bare hands

Instead, use protective gloves.

  • Place it on a flat, stable surface
  • Don’t allow it to immerse in water
  • Don’t fill its inner bowl above its top/maximum water line

This is to avoid overflowing when the water boils.

  • Avoid plugging it when it’s not yet ready to cook

You should also avoid operating the rice cooker with the use of a damaged cord.

  • Disconnect it when not in use

If you clean it, you should also unplug it from the power outlet.

  • Keep your hands and face away when you remove its cover

This is to avoid steam burns.

You must not use your rice cooker for outdoor purposes. If the power cord is broken, don’t use it. Have it replaced by a recommended technician. Or you can call the customer support of your rice cooker and have the cord replaced by its agent.

Rice cooker is a tough kitchen appliance. As long as you properly maintain it, it can last for several years or decades. To maintain it in its tip top shape, here are some recommendations.

  • Switch it off or disconnect it from the power supply when not in use or before you clean it
  • Allow it to cool down first before you start cleaning
  • Use warm, soapy water when cleaning its inner bowl

You may use your dishwasher to clean it. However, the dishwashing detergent may discolor the outside pot of the rice cooker as it’s made of anodized aluminum.

  • Avoid using abrasive cleaners on non-stick coatings
  • Rinse and dry the bowl thoroughly

And make sure that the bowl is completely dry before you place it back to the base.

  • Use a damp cloth when cleaning its exterior
  • Clean the heating plate thoroughly before using it

Food debris could interfere with the cooking process so make sure that it’s thoroughly cleaned.

  • Avoid using the cooker’s cover if it’s cracked

This is especially true if your cooker has a glass cover.

Here are some additional tips on how to take care of your rice cooker’s glass cover.

  • Let the cover cool down first before washing it.

This is to avoid breaking the glass cover. It’s also advisable to use recommended cleaning pads to avoid scratching or weakening of the glass.

  • Don’t use hard or sharp utensils

If there’s a need for you to scrape the glass cover to remove rice residue, you should only use the remover recommended by the manufacturer.

It’s very important that you follow the instructions as provided by the manufacturer of this kitchen appliance. This is to avoid breakage or personal injury.

Tips and Techniques When Using Your Rice Cooker

Tips and Techniques When Using Your Rice Cooker

Tips and Techniques When Using Your Rice Cooker





Cooking rice should be an easy task. But not for some cooks.

Producing fluffy rice can be a little tricky. However, if you know the secrets, you’ll surely have the desired results.

Rice cooker will help you get fluffy and perfectly done rice. This kitchen appliance makes it easier for you to cook rice. You just have to add the right amount of water and plug it in.

Although you can always get better results when you cook rice using this appliance, there are other things you must know to make excellent rice with the use of a rice cooker.

  • Know the right amount of liquid

What this appliance does is to boil the water and monitor its temperature. When the rice is done, it tells the cooker to shut off. If you don’t add enough water, your rice will still be partially cooked. On the other hand, if you put too much water to it, then you’ll have watery rice that qualifies for a rice soup. To be sure, you’ll have to refer to the rice’s water instructions. Generally, a cup of rice needs a cup of water.

  • Rinse the rice first

You have to rinse it with cold or tap water. Rinsing removes the talc, which is used as a milling aid. When you ingest it, it can cause serious health problems. Rinsing the rice first will also remove extra starches from it that make your rice sticky.

If the water is still cloudy, rinse it again until the water is clear before placing it in the rice cooker. Then, that’s the time you add measured water to the properly rinsed uncooked rice. Turn the cooker on.

Although it’s highly recommended that you rinse rice with water, you have to skip this part when you’re dealing with Jasmine or Basmati rice. This type of rice has subtle flavor. And if you rinse it, you’re washing it away. To remain the flavor intact, don’t rinse it. Just add water to it.

  • Don’t leave the rice cooker open

You must only open the cooker whenever necessary. If you’re not ready yet to serve it, you just have to leave it there until it’s ready to be served.

When you leave it open, the remaining water in the rice will evaporate. As a result, you’ll have dry rice.

Keep in mind that a rice cooker can store rice for a few hours. However, you have to remember that the longer you let it stay in your cooker to keep it warm, the more taste will be lost.

  • Use non-stick utensil

When digging the rice out, you’ll have to use non-stick utensil, like plastic spoon. If you want, you can purchase a Japanese paddle. It’s designed to be used as a serving spoon for rice.

  • Allow the cooker to dry out

When it’s time for you to clean the rice cooker, allow it to dry out first in order to make it easier to remove rice residue.

  • Clean the whole unit periodically

Most of the time, it’s the removable bowl that gets the cleaning after every use. But it’s also highly recommended that you clean the entire unit to get rid of the gummy residue that might have stuck to unexpected places within the cooker.

Rice cooker is a very useful tool to produce well-cooked rice. By following the tips and techniques presented, you can have properly done cooked rice and a cooker in good working condition.

How To Use A Rice Cooker – Step By Step Instructions

How to Use a Rice Cooker – Step by Step Instructions

How to Use a Rice Cooker – Step by Step Instructions



Gone are the days when you have to be in the kitchen to monitor the rice you’re cooking. With a rice cooker, you can just put the un-cook rice in the cooker and leave it there. It’ll just automatically turn off when the rice is already cooked and ready to be served. Through the use of this equipment, you don’t have to worry about charring rice. Plus, many brands provide special features that keep the rice warm, thereby, allowing you to enjoy warm rice even at dinner time.



In this post, you’ll find step by step instructions on how to use a rice cooker. Although it varies depending on the brand and model you’re using, the steps presented here are the basic ones.

  1. Get the scoop that comes with it

It’s a standard measuring cup that measures the amount of rice you’d like to cook. A cup of uncooked rice can give you about 3 cups of cooked rice.

  1. Rinse the rice

You don’t need to transfer the rice to another container to rinse it. Just wash it in the cooker directly.

When rinsing, you’ll have to keep in mind that some nutrients may be taken away. However, some types of rice may need 3 to 4 times of rinsing. The rule of thumb here is to wash it until you get clear water.

Drain its water by tilting the cooker slowly until there’s little water left.

  1. Add water

The amount of water to be used to cook the rice will depend on the variety of rice you’re cooking. For instance, 1 ½ cups of water are needed to cook a cup of short/medium grain white rice. A cup of long-grain rice needs 1 ¾ cups of water to be cooked properly. Brown rice needs greater amount of water, i.e. 2 ¼ cups of water for every cup of long-grained brown rice.

Your best bet is to follow the instructions of the rice label.

  1. Put some seasonings

Although it’s not always advisable to put some seasonings to rice, you can still add a small amount of vegetable oil, salt or butter.

  1. Place the pot inside the rice cooker

But before you do so, make sure that you pat dry the exterior of the pot, including its bottom.

  1. Switch it on

This is the beauty of a rice cooker. You just have to turn it on and leave it there until it cooks.

Before it can give you cooked rice, the cooker will boil the water first by producing high amount of heat. When the water starts to boil, the cooker will shift to a lower temperature after a few minutes. It’ll remain in that lower temperature until the rice is already cooked.

  1. Keep the lid close

During cooking time, you have to keep the cooker’s lid close throughout the process. When it’s done, wait for at least 5 to 15 minutes before opening the lid. This is to obtain perfectly cooked rice.

  1. Serve it while it’s still hot

To achieve fluffy rice, you can use a fork to fluff it.

This concludes the step by step instructions on how to use a rice cooker. You may also consult your owner’s manual to get additional details.

Best Commercial Rice Cooker

Rice cookers come in all sizes and features. There are those specifically built for household use and there are also those designed for commercial use such as in restaurants, catering business, and canteen concessionaires among others. When you intend to use a rice cooker for commercial use, it follows that it must be big enough to accommodate a large number of people. But more than the size, the commercial rice cooker must also be dependable because it is for use in business.

Here are two of the most trusted brands in commercial rice cookers in the market today.

Aroma ARC-1130S Cool-Touch Commercial 60-Cup (Cooked) Rice Cooker, Stainless-Steel

Aroma is the brand that has become a household name mainly because the company caters to small kitchen appliances market. The Aroma commercial 60-cup rice cooker however is not for ordinary households as it is large enough to use in a food business venture. Below are some of the features of this rice cooker.

    • One-touch function – With a touch of a lever, it can manage to produce 60 cups of cooked rice.
    • Auto-warm – A soon as rice is cooked, the unit will automatically switch to auto-warm function to keep rice warm and ready to eat any time. This feature helps keep rice fluffy and hot as long as the power cord is plugged.
    • Built- in locks for the lid – To help keep rice warm, the unit comes with built-in locks for the lid. When the lid is locked when the rice cooker is not in use, it can help in ensuring that the cooked rice is safe and free from dirt and other elements.
    • Stainless steel body – With stainless steel body, this rice cooker is built to last many years of use making it ideal for business use.
    • Cool touch housing – With a rice cooker this big, you might imagine it can become too hot to handle. But this unit has very good insulation that keeps the heat inside so it remains cool on the outside.

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Zojirushi NYC-36 20-Cup (Uncooked) Commercial Rice Cooker and Warmer, Stainless Steel

When it comes to quality and dependability, Zojirushi rice cookers has already built a solid image in the mind of many customers. It is then no wonder that even their commercial rice cooker is also trusted by many owners of a food business. This brand is for the discriminating buyers who are willing to shell out additional money in exchange for quality, durability and dependability.

Some of the important features of this Zojirushi commercial rice cooker are the following:

    • Simple operation – Just one touch and this rice cooker will do the rest. As soon as the rice is ready, it will automatically switch to keep your rice warm.
    • Non-stick – The inner pot has a non-stick feature that makes it easy to clean
    • Stainless housing – The smooth housing is made from durable stainless steel therefore you are sure that it can last for years.
    • Insulated housing – The Stainless housing keeps the heat inside so there is no danger of scalding from the outside.
    • Water measure line – The inner pot has a measuring line that can help in determining the right amount of water to be added to the uncooked rice.

It is a toss-up between the above two commercial rice cookers. You can go for the Aroma 60 cup (cooked) rice cooker or choose Zojirushi 20 cup (uncooked) rice cooker. The choice as always will depend on your actual needs.

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Best Fuzzy Logic Rice Cooker

One category of rice cookers that is very popular nowadays pertains to models that have fuzzy logic feature. When the rice cooker has this feature, it is considered as belonging to the high-end class and therefore more expensive than the regular models. But since there are many brands that offer rice cookers with this feature, there is also the price difference between brands. Presented here are two brands with fuzzy logic features but with considerable price difference

Zojirushi NS-ZCC10 5-1/2-Cup (Uncooked) Neuro Fuzzy Rice Cooker and Warmer, Premium White

Zojirushi rice cooker with fuzzy logic feature is considered top of the line and the popular choice of people who want more from a rice cooker.


Features of Zojirushi Neuro Fuzzy Rice Cooker:

    • Large capacity – This model can produce up to 11 cups of cooked rice and therefore ideal for a medium to large size family.
    • Neuro-Fuzzy logic feature – This feature will guarantee that you have evenly cooked rice all the time. The unit can cook any kind of rice whether white, brown or mixed types of rice.
    • Auto-warm – The unit also comes with a keep warm feature so you can be assured of eating warm rice any time you want.
    • Spherical inner pan – The inner pan is ergonomically designed to ensure even heating all over. It is also non-stick so cleaning is very easy.
    • LCD display – The LCD monitor has a clock as well as a timer feature making it versatile.
    • Retractable power cord – When not in use, the power cord is retractable so it is safely tucked in the unit.

Panasonic SR-DF101 5 Cup (Uncooked) Fuzzy Logic Rice Cooker, White

For people who are looking for a rice cooker with fuzzy logic feature but does not come with a hefty price tag, then this Panasonic rice cooker is the answer. It is packed with features of an ideal top of the line rice cooker for the budget conscious buyer.

Below are some of the features of this Panasonic model:

    • Computerized fuzzy logic control – The unit automatically adjusts to the volume and kind of rice being cooked. This feature ensures that you can get nicely cooked rice each time.
    • Cooking selector – Now there is no need to guess how to cook different types of rice. This model comes with icons that let you select what type of rice you want to cook. Choose from white or brown, porridge and soup cooking options.
    • Keep warm – Cook rice in the morning and eat it warm at night. This feature is ideal for people who want to cook once a day and have warm rice ready for the rest of the day.
    • Useful accessories – It comes with a steaming basket, scooper, rice cup, and a detachable cord.

Having a rice cooker with advanced features such as fuzzy logic can make cooking rice a lot more convenient. Panasonic and Zojirushi brands are considered leaders in this category of rice cookers so it is just a matter of choosing the ideal unit for your needs.


Best Microwave Rice Cooker

There are many brands of microwave rice cooker in the market and sometimes it is hard to decide which of them should be the right choice. Thus, it becomes important to get more information that can give you solid ideas on the best choice that you can make when it is time to buy. Presented here are two of the best microwave rice cookers in the market nowadays and some explanation on why they are the choice of many households. One is not better than the other so you just have to select which one is appropriate for your needs.

There are several brands of microwaveable rice cooker that have appeared in the market so here are updates. These are some of the good microwaveable rice cooker that you can find in the market.

Sistema Cookware Bowl

Norpro 5-Cup Microwave Rice Cooker


Progressive International Microwaveable 6-Cup (Cooked) Rice Cooker Set

Made from microwaveable plastic material, this product comes with the following features and convenience:
    • 6-Cup capacity – It is perfect for singles and couples who want to have ready to eat warm rice in an instant. It can cook any type of rice in minutes and therefore perfect even for students who live in dorms and just want food cooked in an instant.
    • Free from BPA – You are assured of healthy cooked rice because this product is made from materials with no BPA.
    • Dishwasher Safe – Whether you prefer hand washing or cleaning the unit with the use of a dishwasher, you will not have a problem as there are no restrictions when it comes to cleaning it.
    • Includes accessories – The unit comes with a rice paddle, a cup that is used to measure rice to cook, and also a cooking instruction so you can be sure to cook rice the way you want it.


Microwave Rice Cooker by Maxi-Aids

Another microwave rice cooker that is preferred by many online buyers is this one coming from Maxi-aids. It has received many positive reviews from satisfied customers because it is a no-nonsense product that will just do its job of giving you nicely cooked rice all the time. Some of its notable features are the following:
  • 4-Cup cooked rice capacity – There should be no worry about excess cooked rice because this microwave rice cooker ensures you can prepare only what is good for one or two servings. Ideal for single people especially college students and young ones living on their own.
  • Lid locks – When rice is boiling, there is a tendency for the steam to find a way out and this can cause uneven cooking. With locks on the side of the lid, you can be sure that steam will not escape and therefore you can be assured of perfectly cooked rice all the time. This feature also comes handy because you can easily clean the unit.
  • High-grade material – This product is made from plastic that has very high heat resistance. No need to worry that the plastic material will deteriorate over time because of constant exposure to heat.
  • Accessories included – With a very fair price, it comes with accessories such as spoon and measuring cup, cover, and built-in lid locks.
  • Dishwasher safe – This unit is also dishwasher safe so no worries whether you want to clean it by hand or mechanically through a dish cleaning machine.

The price for both of the above products does not vary much so you just have to select the brand that can give you the most benefit.

Best 6 cup rice cooker

When it comes to the 6-cup rice cooker category, there are two brands that reflect the choice of many households. One of them is the high-end type while the other belongs to the mid-end category which is perfect for those who are budget conscious. Quality is never a question as far as these two brands are concerned. While they may have significant difference in the price, the performance of these rice cookers has been the subject of many praises from satisfied users.


This Black and Decker is a hit for those who want to have a fully functioning rice cooker at a very reasonable price. Following are the salient features of this very popular rice cooker.


  • Non-stick – It comes with a cooking pot that has a no-stick feature and also dishwasher safe at the same time.
  • Heat-free lid handle – Ordinary rice cookers have hot handles and lid but this model in particular lets you touch the handle without getting a steam burn. Even the side handles are heat-free so it is safe even for children to touch.
  • Stay-warm function – After the rice is cooked, it will stay warm because of the built-in warm function in the unit. This ensures that you can enjoy warm rice any time of day.
  • Steam vent – The tempered glass cover comes with a steam vent to make sure that the steam will not come out on the side of the lid.
  • This Black and Decker rice cooker also comes with rice paddle, measuring cup, and an all-plastic steamer that is easy to use and clean.

    Zojirushi 6 cup rice cooker/steamer

    If you want more features and functions from a 6-cup rice cooker, then this Zojirushi unit is perfect for your needs. The important features of this Japanese brand rice cooker are the following:

  • Non-stick cooking pan – The unit comes with a removable and easy to clean non-stick cooking pan.
  • All-stainless steamer – The steamer is made from durable stainless steel so you can be sure that it can last for a long time. You can steam just about any kind of food fit for this function such as vegetables, dumplings, and can even be used to re-heat some foods.
  • Durable Glass top cover – With a glass cover, it allows you to see how rice is cooking without touching any part of the unit.
  • Keep Warm feature – After the rice is fully cooked, the indicator light for the warm function will automatically turn on. This helps to keep your rice and even steamed food warm and ready to eat any time.
  • Detachable cord – To help in tidying your kitchen, this rice cooker has a detachable power cord which means you can pull the cord and keep it in a safe place when you are not going to cook rice anytime soon.
  • Safe handles – The handles of this rice cooker is not affected by heat so you can touch it anytime you want.
  • The Zojirushi 6 cup rice cooker/steamer comes with spatula and measuring cup for your convenience.