6 Cup Cooker

Best 6 cup rice cooker

When it comes to the 6-cup rice cooker category, there are two brands that reflect the choice of many households. One of them is the high-end type while the other belongs to the mid-end category which is perfect for those who are budget conscious. Quality is never a question as far as these two brands are concerned. While they may have significant difference in the price, the performance of these rice cookers has been the subject of many praises from satisfied users.


This Black and Decker is a hit for those who want to have a fully functioning rice cooker at a very reasonable price. Following are the salient features of this very popular rice cooker.


  • Non-stick – It comes with a cooking pot that has a no-stick feature and also dishwasher safe at the same time.
  • Heat-free lid handle – Ordinary rice cookers have hot handles and lid but this model in particular lets you touch the handle without getting a steam burn. Even the side handles are heat-free so it is safe even for children to touch.
  • Stay-warm function – After the rice is cooked, it will stay warm because of the built-in warm function in the unit. This ensures that you can enjoy warm rice any time of day.
  • Steam vent – The tempered glass cover comes with a steam vent to make sure that the steam will not come out on the side of the lid.
  • This Black and Decker rice cooker also comes with rice paddle, measuring cup, and an all-plastic steamer that is easy to use and clean.

    Zojirushi 6 cup rice cooker/steamer

    If you want more features and functions from a 6-cup rice cooker, then this Zojirushi unit is perfect for your needs. The important features of this Japanese brand rice cooker are the following:

  • Non-stick cooking pan – The unit comes with a removable and easy to clean non-stick cooking pan.
  • All-stainless steamer – The steamer is made from durable stainless steel so you can be sure that it can last for a long time. You can steam just about any kind of food fit for this function such as vegetables, dumplings, and can even be used to re-heat some foods.
  • Durable Glass top cover – With a glass cover, it allows you to see how rice is cooking without touching any part of the unit.
  • Keep Warm feature – After the rice is fully cooked, the indicator light for the warm function will automatically turn on. This helps to keep your rice and even steamed food warm and ready to eat any time.
  • Detachable cord – To help in tidying your kitchen, this rice cooker has a detachable power cord which means you can pull the cord and keep it in a safe place when you are not going to cook rice anytime soon.
  • Safe handles – The handles of this rice cooker is not affected by heat so you can touch it anytime you want.
  • The Zojirushi 6 cup rice cooker/steamer comes with spatula and measuring cup for your convenience.