Oster 4722 Electric Rice Cooker Review

Oster 4722 is an electric rice cooker that lets you cook perfect rice. It does not matter whether it is brown, short grain, jasmine or plain old white rice. This unit can provide you with just-right cooked rice each time.

This model is a 6-cup electric rice cooker. It is an average, standard though. The capacity is not too big or not too small. With it, you can serve rice to three to four people.

It is not a fuzzy logic rice cooker. Rather, it is an on/off appliance with one button to turn on. You just need to switch it to start cooking. When it is done cooking rice, it will automatically set to warm mode. Although it does not have an advanced technology, you can still measure rice and water properly to produce tasty rice.

Apart from that, this machine does more than what it has been mainly designed for. If you are like those people who utilize their rice cookers for more than just cooking rice, then this appliance can be a good fit to your other kitchen needs.

This model unit of Oster allows you to cook pasta or steam your vegetables or fish. In fact, you can use it as a two-in-one gadget. That is, you can steam while slow cooking rice.

One of the things that you must look forward to in a rice cooker is its pan. Good thing with this model is that it is non-stick so you can easily clean it after. It also comes with a fuse protector. This feature prevents fire. It is especially useful if you want to keep your rice warm for a few hours. It is also built with a retractable cord; thereby, preventing you from tripping.

The design of this model is chic. It is available in dark red color (which may not be an enticing color for men). Its handles are colored grey. The entire design and color can fit most interior design in kitchen.

This model is very simple to use. The right amount of water can be measured correctly through its measuring cup that is included in the package. Or you can check the water level gauge inside the bowl. Plug it in and push down its switch to start cooking the rice.

The size of this unit is also nice and compact. This is perfect for those with limited storage space.

Another wonderful thing about this appliance is its cost. It is inexpensive compared with other units that can only cook rice and nothing more. With it, there is no reason for you to purchase a steamer as this cooker can be used as a steamer to steam salmon or vegetables. The result is always perfection. That said, you can have tasty, healthy meal made by one cooker.

Unfortunately, this appliance does not have a timer. You will not know when it is done cooking. But no worries. This cooker has a temperature sensor that senses if there is little water left. Then, it shifts to keep warm mode to maintain its warm temperature until you are ready to serve it.